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Learn to color better in your adult coloring books using easy to follow coloring by numbers kits.

Relax and have fun without having to choose colors!

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Ivy & The Inky Butterfly
Johanna Basford


Magical Jungle Coloring Book
Johanna Basford
Tree of Life Magical Jungle Color By Numbers Kit
Magical Jungle Coloring Book
Johanna Basford
Tree of Life

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book
Johanna Basford
Frog on a Lily Pad

Butterfly - Summer Nights Color By Numbers Kit
Summer Nights Coloring Book

Hannah Karlzon
Secret Garden Owl How To Color By Numbers
Secret Garden Coloring Book
Johanna Basford
Magical Jungle Monkey Color By Numbers

Magical Jungle Coloring Book
Johanna Basford
Monkey in a Book
Color By Numbers Toucan Bird Magical Garden Coloring Book
Magical Jungle Coloring Book
Johanna Basford
Magical Jungle Lovebirds Coloring Page  


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Color By Numbers Color Combinations

Learn to color better and add new color combinations to your coloring books.

Learn how to use different colors to produce awesome finished wall art.

These color by numbers downloadable and printable packets contain everything you need to complete pictures from well known adult coloring books

Color By Numbers Kit for completing the Treehouse in Ivy & The Inky Butterfly coloring book by Johanna Basford.

No more worrying about what colors to choose. Simply find a quiet spot, relax and have fun!

Easy to follow blueprint and color combination worksheets to complete this beautiful picture and create your own masterpiece.

Kit Contains:

* A copy of my completed coloring page to use as a coloring guide reference
* My 'color recipe' blueprint with corresponding numbers that match the the color combination chart
* Color combination charts / worksheets for you to follow to complete your final picture.
* Blank color combination chart for you to add your own colors and pencils.

NOTE: Not all printers are the same so the worksheets and final copy of my picture probably won't be an exact color match. It is better if you practice the color combinations first on your own re-creation of the charts by using the BLANK color combination chart and follow along with your own pencils.

Keep the color combinations in a three ring binder so that you can use it when completing your own pictures.
Great when your stuck and can't decide what color to use when your working on a new coloring page.

Don't forget to post your finished work in our facebook group.

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Please note: Color by number kits found on this site are created using colors and combination blends that I used to complete
the coloring pages from my personal copies of the artists coloring books.