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Froggie on a Lilypad
From the 'Enchanted Forest' coloring book by Johanna Basford

Using Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Color by numbers kit for the frog on a lilypad enchanted forest coloring book

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Kit Includes.....

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* Completed Picture For Your Reference

* One Color By Numbers Blueprint

* Color Combination Worksheets Needed To Complete The Picture As Shown


Color recipe will be using Prismacolor Colored Pencils from the 150 set.
Available Here

All color swatches will be numbered as well as listing the proper name for the pencil.


Using the color by numbers blueprint and color combination charts, place the same color combinations
used on the blueprint into it's matching numbered area on the coloring page from your coloring book.

When using a color blend of more than two colors, start laying the colors in the same order as shown on the worksheet.


If color blend #1 has three colors, using the original picture as a guide, lay the colors down in the same order
they are shown on the worksheet. Put the first color down as the base, then add the additional colors step by step.

Sample Of A Coloring Worksheet

Color By Numbers Kit Sample


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Please note: Color by number kits found on this site are created using colors and combination blends that I used to complete
the coloring pages from my personal copies of the artists coloring books.